Digital Transformation

A digital experience to disrupt the future of precision engineering


Datum Alloys has grown to be a dominant supplier of precision alloys used by contract manufacturers to produce products for companies like Apple, Samsung, and Sony. Our goal was to convey value by allowing core competencies like precision and reliability to serve as market differentiators over cost. Define a clear path-to-purchase by designing a customer experience that lessens the drop-off between search, website, and contact. Create a seamless experience from desktop to mobile that promotes Datum as a consultancy capable of collaborating with innovators in Aero Space, Healthcare, Transportation and Clean Energy.


Director of User Experience, Idea Booth


Creative Strategy; User Experience Design; Content Strategy; Visual Design; Front-End Development; Project Management.


Taking a phased approach, discovery allows for the formation of initial design hypotheses and the development of a feedback loop. For Datum, this translated into the following:

Research & Stakeholder Interviews: Insights into business objectives, understanding user needs, and areas of opportunity.

Journey Mapping: Mapping the customer journey across various users, establishing clear use cases, touch points, and a path to purchase.

Design Approach: Create a simple and engaging experience that gives users a clear understanding of what sets Datum apart; builds brand credibility via a modern and relevant design, and provides customers with the information they need to make a purchase decision.

User Experience Design

We defined the architecture and flow via detailed sitemaps, annotate wireframes, UI components, and prototypes that are shared with stakeholders and users for feedback and validation. Rather than approaching the design in terms of screens or pages, we take a modular approach by designing the core components that will define the experience.


We set out to create a design that translates into an intuitive experience for new and repeat customers across desktop and mobile with a clear path to purchase and a modern and cohesive visual language that sets Datum aside from the competition.